Australia, New Zealand, & Fiji Biscuits & Cakes


Arnott’s® famous Biscuits

Arnott’s has been baking biscuits in Australia for over 100 years and is a true Australian Icon! Arnott’s may be the world’s most loved cookies and crackers as they are exported to South Pacific Islands: Samoa, Tonga, Fiji Islands, New Zealand, North Pacific, Asia, and Europe. As the saying goes for Arnott’s “There’s no substitute for quality.” Arnott’s biscuits are baked fresh for us with premium quality ingredients and dipped in delicious chocolate!

Our company imports a large range of Arnott’s biscuits, plain biscuits: Milk Arrowroot, Scotch Finger, Nice, Ginger Nut, Arno Shortbread, Milk Coffee, Glengarry and many more, chocolate biscuits: Tim Tam Original (one of the world’s most famous biscuits), Tim Tam Double Coat, Tim Tam Dark Chocolate, Tim Tam Caramel, Tim Tam Chewy Fudge etc, Chocolate Royals, Gaiety, and many more, cream biscuits: Monte Carlo, Shortbread Cream, Lemon Crisp, Delta Cream, Chocolate Creamy, Orange Slice, Iced Vovo, Kingston, Triple Wafer, and many more, crackers: Sao Biscuits, Water Crackers, and more.

If you cannot find a flavor you are looking for please contact us.


FMF Brand Biscuits

Fiji FMF® Crackers and Cookies (Biscuits) are famous top selling delicious products. FMF Biscuits are baked by one of Fiji’s most famous bakeries. These biscuits are popular throughout Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Australia, and New Zealand. They are an Icon of the South Pacific! FMF Biscuits are fresh baked and come in variety of flavors:

  • FMF Breakfast Crackers (All Sizes)
  • FMF Cabin Crackers (All Sizes)
  • FMF Milk Arrowroot, Scotch Finger, Coconut Cookies Etc
  • FMF Flour (Atta) For Rotis And Baking
As they say in the beautiful tropical islands “MA PAKU PAKU” and “MASI” FIJI.

1308 Fiji Lees® Biscuits

Lees Biscuits are Fiji’s most favorite crackers. They have been baked in Fiji Islands for many decades! Favorite crackers of Tongans, Fijians, and Samoans, Kapa Ma Fisi, Apa Masi Fiki. Lees brand are the original Fiji Crackers and baked fresh with premium quality ingredients for us. Available in Cabin Crackers and a bit softer Breakfast Crackers in 13oz packets and 5lb & 10lb size cans. Lees bakes a better biscuit!

1307 Big Sister® Fruit Cakes & Puddings

Big Sister Fruit Cakes and Puddings are Australia’s most loved and one of the world’s most famous brands of cakes! Big Sister Fruit Cakes are baked to their delicious stay moist recipe. Baked in Australia and exported all around the world since 1945, Big Sister Fruit Cakes and Puddings are true icon of Australia. They are baked with premium quality ingredients and contain 36% delicious Big Sister fruits to ensure great famous flavor that many generations have grown up to love! Big Sister Fruit Cakes make great treats for the Holidays or anytime of the year and goes great with tea, coffee, hot milk or cold milk. Do not forget your Big Sister during the Holidays or anytime of the year! Big Sister Fruit Cakes and Puddings are available in Golden, Rich, and Light.